Maintain quality, comply with regulations

For a local grocery store owner or restaurateur, the quality of the products he sells to his customers is extremely important.

The parking lots of the structures Cash and Carry are fortunately always occupied by operators who go to buy wholesale the products they need for their business, including those not food of course.

Cars or vans often remain under the sun in car parks, especially in the summer and, in the case of food purchases, very few go to the warehouses with vehicles that have an insulated and even less refrigerated compartment.

I use Polibox at Cash&Carry

The container suitable for containing food purchased at Cash & Carry, without using the fragile and non-reusable polystyrene.

Let's face it, the situation is very often at the limit of what is permitted, both from a professional and legislative point of view. In fact, we often see operators who, without any container that guarantees the transport temperature, leave the Cash and Carry as if they were leaving the supermarket when they do the shopping for home and then arrive at their facility and without caring about which been the sudden changes in temperature of the products that will then have to be used to cook or be sold to customers.

Sometimes, unfortunately, even if they want to respect the law, they don't find a suitable container inside the Cash and Carry to contain the food purchased or they find it fragile, often in Sintered Expanded Polystyrene, not suitable for reuse.

POLIBOX® has prepared a dedicated line of isothermal containers in expanded polypropylene (Technical File POLIBOX®), with differentiated capacities and dimensions compatible with standard cars or vans which can guarantee Cash and Carry users the possibility of transport safely, correct in compliance with regulations and temperatureswithout incurring any penalties.

POLIBOX® - (R)evolutionary

Do you think POLIBOX® could it be the solution to your transport problem in the Cash & Carry?

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