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With Polibox®, the Food Delivery guarantees the expected quality at the right temperature.

A line created to put riders and/or couriers in a position to provide a quality service.

The trend of increasing home delivery of food it is confirmed at an international and above all Italian level.

More and more people prefer to invest their time in activities other than cooking lunch or dinner and are using the opportunities offered by various apps to enjoy their favorite food.

Even the restaurateurs, for their part, prefer that the raw materials are delivered through dedicated logistics structure that offer a service that allows you not to waste time making purchases. The sector of Food Delivery today it represents a large part of the online grocery market.

Polibox for Food Delivery
Trolley Box - POLIBOX® for transport and food delivery

The key to the Food Delivery business

Faced with these modes of transport and delivery of food, it is necessary to pay extreme attention to the procedures that allow foodstuffs to be delivered in a Safe, hygienic, respecting the temperature ranges provided for by law.

Unfortunately, very often, the riders and/or couriers are not able to use the right tools and the quality of the service and the food delivered are not "protected" as they should be and above all as they deserve.

In fact, while there are very stringent constraints to carry out transport with refrigerated vehicles, last mile deliveries are too often poorly controlled and this also leads to a lack of respect for the customer who, more and more frequently, tries to change structure of delivery with the hope of having better service and receiving the food or foodstuffs that you have purchased in order to ensure its expected quality and correct temperatures.

POLIBOX® has the solution at your fingertips… and on your shoulder

We at POLIBOX® we have thought, designed and manufactured a complete range of isothermal containers in expanded polypropylene (Technical File POLIBOX®) suitable to guarantee the maximum possible protection.

The POLIBOXBAG line® (POLIBOXBAG® Technical File), flexible isothermal bags and backpacks, represents the solution for riders, totally manufactured in Italy, which guarantees total quality of the delivery service through the use of robust materials, effective insulating layers and a stitching system that limits the dispersion of thermal energy.


Do you think Polibox® could this be the solution to your problem?

We have designed and manufactured a complete range of isothermal containers in expanded polypropylene suitable to ensure the maximum possible protection.


POLIBOXBAG® puts riders in a position to provide a quality service.

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