Our values

We want to help meet market needs and provide reliable, high-quality solutions for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products.

Mario Sestito – CEO

Our values…

We want to offer high quality, innovative and customizable solutions, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and collaboration with customers and partners.



POLIBOX® is committed to offering high quality products and maximum isothermal efficiency that satisfy and guarantee the needs of our customers.



POLIBOX® is committed to the constant innovation of its products and the search for new cutting-edge solutions and technologies for traceability, performance improvement and energy efficiency.



POLIBOX® is committed to being a reliable partner for its customers, ensuring timely deliveries and timely resolution of any problems.



POLIBOX® is aware of the environmental impact of its products and is committed to reducing the use of non-recyclable materials and promoting sustainable practices. Our isothermal containers are designed to be reusable and recyclable, thus contributing to the reduction of waste.



POLIBOX® believes in collaborating with its customers and business partners. It works closely with its customers to understand their specific needs and offer customized solutions. We are open to new collaborations to develop innovative products and create synergies in the sector.

POLIBOX® - (R)evolutionary