To limit the critical points of the cold chain

By using POLIBOX® you can be sure of transporting in total safety products that need to manage the correct transport temperatures.

Centralized logistics HUBs, with the management and control of storage temperatures, are today an increasingly widespread reality and which confirms the great attention of operators for the correct management of cold chain.

There are still critical points to be resolved, especially as regards the permanence of thermo-perishable products on the loading and unloading docks as well as the ability of the refrigerator on board the vehicle used for transport to compensate for the losses of thermal energy due to the opening and closing doors during delivery.

Fruit-vegetable logistics cold room
Cargobox - Pallet transport at temperature

The isothermal containers in PPE POLIBOX® are a valid support for those sectors that need management and control of transport temperatures.

Excluding "full pallet" deliveries, we can say with certainty that maintaining the correct temperature is really difficult unless precise procedures are adopted, which, even if present, are often disregarded due to too much haste or carelessness of the operators who, even if adequately trained, are physically unable to respect them.

The isothermal containers in expanded polypropylene POLIBOX® (POLIBOX® Technical File), dedicated to the logistics sector guarantee, if correctly used according to the recommended procedures, to have the certainty of transporting the products in total safety who need to manage and control the correct transport temperatures, even adding if needed thermal masses that release energy at the precise storage temperature.

POLIBOX® - (R)evolutionary

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