Who is Polibox®


Research of technologically innovative materials and products, total production of own articles and control of production processes: discover the POLIBOX world®

Food and thermo-perishable products have very high requirements, in particular: conservation in a safe environment from a hygienic-sanitary point of view, mechanical protection caused by their conveyance and temperature control.

Today the need of catering and catering companies is to have ecological and environmental aspects at heart. With our POLIBOX reusable isothermal containers®, non-disposable and above all 100% recyclable, our commitment has been, and will be even more so in the coming years, to create product culture by promoting the reduction of environmental impact.

We want to help meet market needs and provide reliable, high-quality solutions for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products.

POLIBOX® Worldwide

Keeping products at the right temperature during transport is a vital issue in every country. That's why POLIBOX® is known all over the world and exports its isothermal containers to various countries.

POLIBOX® Worldwide

Our vision

We want to offer high quality, innovative and customizable solutions, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and collaboration with customers and partners.

Mario Sestito – CEO