POLIBOXBAG®, to everything delivery!

A line of bags And backpacks specially designed for the professional delivery of pizzas, ready meals, sandwiches, food or drinks.

Today the attention of restaurants is directed not only to the preparation phase and the quality of the product, but also to the preparation phase food transportation.

The home delivery of ready meals must respect all temperatures, especially the highest ones, ensuring that the meals arrive hot at the final consumer's home. It is of fundamental importance that the transport phase takes place in full compliance with health and hygiene standards and guaranteeing the quality of the prepared product.

Shopping bag for the delivery
POLIBOXBAG® - Thermal bags for the delivery

A 100% made in Italy line designed for the professional delivery of ready meals, pizzas, sandwiches, hot or cold food and drinks.

Those who transport ready meals must have the right equipment to keep food warm.

Choose a cooler bag or backpack POLIBOXBAG® it proves to be a peace of mind for the customer, for the restaurant and for the rider if the transport phase is entrusted to third party companies.

Backpack for the delivery bicycle or POLIBOXBAG® scooter

The internal insulation in 10 mm expanded polyurethane (PU) guarantees an excellent isothermal seal.

Made in Italy
Technical fabric

External structure in nylon (PA), insulation in expanded polyurethane (PU) and internal structure in resin-coated polyester (PL). The internal structure guarantees the best isothermal seal in the category.

Pocket for personalisation

The large transparent crystal pocket is ideal for personalizing the POLIBOXBAG backpack or bag® with the company logo.

Handling handles

With the comfortable central handle for handling, the Velcro closures and the adjustable shoulder straps.

delivery backpack with zipper

The zip closure system is practical, resistant and allows you to speed up delivery operations.


Are you ready to use the key to open the food delivery business?

In the home delivery sector, where the competition is increasingly played on high quality of service and/or ingredients, breadth of menus for instant consumption and deliveries in less than 30 minutes, POLIBOXBAG® it can be the secret to your success.