The delivery method used by the 95% of companies in the sector

The transport of meals in hot-hot or refrigerated connection is still the main delivery method for companies that deal with the preparation of meals.

The areas of consumption in collective catering are: kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes, assisted health residences, schools, universities, army and various law enforcement barracks, company canteens and public canteens in artisanal and industrial production districts.

This type of service provides that a whole series of consequent actions must be implemented in the meal preparation structure which guarantee the correct maintenance of storage and above all transport temperatures, both in hot bond, greater than 65 degrees Celsius, which in cool bond, from +2 to +8 degrees Celsius, which in chilled bond, less than – 18 degrees Celsius.

Canteen transport in hot bond
CRYSTAL GN 240 - Isothermal container for transporting meals

A range of isothermal containers designed to simplify the work of operators in the Food Service sector

There is a reference standard, the UNI EN 12571-1999 which regulates the verification procedures of isothermal containers. All isothermal containers in expanded polypropylene of the POLIBOX® line (POLIBOX® Technical File) have been tested according to this standard and have obtained compliance for all transport temperatures (go to the page of test report).

Our entire range of containers has been designed to simplify the work of operators and allow simple and decisive use both in the case of transporting food in multi-portions or individually packaged, with extreme attention to the study of the useful internal heights of the various models in order to maximize the container filling percentage.

Also single meal

For a simple and decisive use both in the case of multi-portion food or individually packaged food.

The correct delivery of special diets or meals at home is a key success factor for catering companies that provide these services to users, for this reason a dedicated line has been created that offers all possible solutions, even for hosting in the same product container at different temperatures.

POLIBOX® - (R)evolutionary

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