SMARTHEATER®: hot food without consuming energy

It is not difficult to have happy and satisfied customers, who can be allowed to appreciate food at the correct temperature. A tangible result that complies with the best standards that the customer demands today.

The problems of conveyed food have always been the same for years:

  • the dishes arrive not in perfect condition
  • some models of containers are heavy and require continuous maintenance
  • weight shift constraints for workers are increasingly stringent
  • food trucks use more fuel as the extra weight increases

Without forgetting how necessary and urgent it is to pay the utmost attention to the green aspects of the product and process and to the circular economy, investing in products that contribute to improving the world in which we all live. Challenges that turn out to be complex but, above all, cannot be postponed!

SMARTHEATER - Food heat maintenance column
POLIBOX® isothermal containers

The answer to mass catering customers

Those who eat meals are increasingly contesting the temperature of the food that arrives on the table, but that's not the only problem: we need to ensure that we can appreciate the organoleptic properties and degree of cooking of the foods served.

The kitchen staff works every day to ensure that all this happens, but they collide with the tools they have available and many times, they compete against the clock. All this causes stress in the operators, and translates into a level of service that does not satisfy the customer.

A gap between promises made and reality that is easy to reduce with the right equipment. It is not impossible to solve these problems: just be ready for change; just rely on an innovative system like SMARTHEATER®.

SMARTHEATER® it is not a simple isothermal container

It's advanced ready-to-eat food maintainer born to manage the correct temperature, consuming little energy, remaining light and easy to handle, as well as lasting over time while remaining recyclable without limits. 100%.

Passive heat storage
The SMARTHEATER® works as a thermal equalizer: when the temperature of the food inserted into the POLIBOX® is higher than that of the thermal accumulator (65°C), the excess heat is absorbed.

Active heat storage
By connecting an empty container to the network, the heat generators raise the air temperature in the POLIBOX in parallel® and that of the thermal accumulator until it stabilizes once 65°C is reached.

SMARTHEATER® exploits the thermal inertia by behaving like a glider. By charging itself with energy, the accumulator transforms into a real thermal flywheel capable of releasing heat at different speeds and intensities according to the needs of the moment.

The accumulator of the SMARTHEATER® immediately releases heat energy when the temperature of the food inserted into the POLIBOX® drops below that of the accumulator itself (65°C).

Thanks to the thermal flywheel offered by the accumulator, the SMARTHEATER® continues to transfer heat to the food (for an extended period) even after the container has been disconnected from the electrical supply.

Once 65°C is reached, consumption stabilizes at about 30 Watts.

The isothermal containers can be stacked and connected in series, obtaining a holding trolley powered by a single outlet.

There solution for transporting large volumes of temperature-controlled foodta in collective catering.


You understand why SMARTHEATER® by POLIBOX® can be the solution to your continuous problems?

The kitchen staff works with commitment and professionalism but, due to the last mile, the transport, the result perceived by the customer does not live up to expectations.
SMARTHEATER® becomes the fundamental weapon for a company that wants to grow and have satisfied customers, thanks to its convenience and versatility.

And the environment?

SMARTHEATER® it is made of PPE, remaining unlimitedly recyclable to 100%.

Food arrives at its destination still hot, ready to eat as freshly prepared, ensuring a better dining experience for customers. The use of a SMARTHEATER isothermal container system® it can also help reduce food waste, as meals stay hot longer and are therefore less likely to go unusable, helping to improve environmental sustainability in catering and reduce operating costs.

Low power consumption

Consumes less than a light bulb!
Just plug it in (220V) and SMARTHEATER® it stabilizes at +65° C, self-regulating the heat emission.

Certified quality

The SMARTHEATER enclosure® it simplifies your work and will never limit you in developing solutions that do not 100% satisfy your needs for transporting food in hot fresh bond. It is tested and verified through a specific study carried out by the University of Milan, faculty of veterinary medicine

POLIBOX® will guarantee you the necessary data to make all the opportunity assessments to allow you to appreciate all the advantages.

The goal we set for ourselves when thinking about the SMARTHEATER® by POLIBOX® was to definitively respond to the needs of collective catering operators, with extreme attention to operating costs, respect for the environment and recyclability at the end of its life.

Mario Sestito // CEO of POLIBOX®