SMARTPOLIBOX®: the best traceability system in the world

The most advanced solution for monitoring the transport of food, food and beverages with SMARTPOLIBOX isothermal containers®.

To meet the growing demand from food sector operators to be able to trace shipments and deliveries of meals and foods in detail, monitoring them along the entire distribution chain, SMARTPOLIBOX® EASY PLUS.

Thanks to the specific App and the Cloud service, it is possible to have the best traceability system in the world.

SMARTPOLIBOX® - Meal transport with tracking
SMARTPOLIBOX® CRYSTAL - Food transport container with tracking

The new identification and traceability system

SMARTPOLIBOX® EASY PLUS is a solution based on an App and a WebApp that dialogue to collect, store and manage traceability data based on the digital signature (Tag) of each SMARTPOLIBOX®.

SMARTPOLIBOX® is a registered trademark of POLIBOX®, while the IT solution was developed with Asforil Srl which manages the service and developments.

SMARTPOLIBOX® EASY PLUS intuitively simplifies traceability procedures of SMARTPOLIBOX isothermal containers®, certifying through "E-Signature" the operating processes normally used for the delivery of thermo-perishable products.


The system in brief

The operations that have been defined are: Shipping, Delivery And Come back in.

The SHIPPING operation is used to “tag”:

  1. a transport from one department to another;
  2. a delivery to the carrier for carriage to a destination;
  3. the start of a shipment to a customer of a SMARTPOLIBOX® to carry certain content;
  4. typically indicates an output where the SMARTPOLIBOX “Loaded” from® associating a place of departure and a place of destination by communicating it to the Cloud;

The operation of CONSEGNA is used to "tag":

  1. delivery to a recipient of a SMARTPOLIBOX® with a certain content;
  2. the withdrawal of a SMARTPOLIBOX® used;
  3. in general it can be convenient to use it to associate the occurred delivery to a given destination by communicating it to the Cloud;

The RETURN operation is used to “tag”:

  1. the return to the packaging place from where the SMARTPOLIBOX® he's out;
  2. the return from a customer and/or place of destination of a SMARTPOLIBOX® received to carry certain content;
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SMARTPOLIBOX® it is so innovative that it responds to new needs that you didn't even know you had...

We have created the answer to the growing demand from food business operators to be able to trace shipments and deliveries of meals and foods in detail along the entire distribution chain.

How does it work?


  1. to Register the App on Cloud using the WebApp user data;
  2. to Configure a set of Destination Places and Departure Places;
  3. to choose to operate in "Free" or "Guided" mode;
  4. di Choose the transaction to send;
  5. to Read and Send the digital signature to the Cloud (Tag SMARTPOLIBOX® associated with the GPS position, the Operation and the selected Destination;
  6. to check the containers that have not returned;

IMDT extension it is equipped with: GPS sensor, RFID device, Wi-Fi, USB connection, power supply. It is also possible to install a SIM/USIM for internet access in the absence of Wi-Fi, a flash memory to extend the capacity and other hardware devices according to needs.