Environmental sustainability


POLIBOX® has always directed its commitment to the search for technologically innovative materials and products, following the production of its articles in a timely and total way, from the direct purchase of raw materials to the control of production processes.

Food and thermo-perishable products have very high requirements, in particular: conservation in a safe environment from a hygienic-sanitary point of view, mechanical protection caused by their conveyance and temperature control.

Today the need of catering and catering companies is to have ecological and environmental aspects at heart. With our reusable, non-disposable and above all recyclable 100% isothermal containers, our commitment has been, and will be even more so in the coming years, to create product culture by promoting the reduction of environmental impact.

Sustainability green POLIBOX®

CO2 reduction

POLIBOX® uses only top quality virgin PPE, environmentally friendly: without CFCs, polyurethane foams or other blowing gases, it aims to reduce the environmental impact of CO2.
The CO2 reductions are a result of the ability to manufacture insulated food containers weighing up to 37.5% less.

PPE without CFCs
PPE without CFCs
Low environmental impact
PPE without CFCs
Happy environment

Expanded polypropylene is 100% recyclable

The Expanded Polypropylene used in the production of POLIBOX® it is an ecological material: it is composed of 98% of air and is recyclable. During the production of PPE, the beads are swelled up to 50 times their initial volume by putting them in contact with hot water vapor and nothing else. No chlorofluorocarbons are used for production or transformation.

Therefore, PPE does not cause damage to the environment either due to its production effect or as a raw material, as it is made up of air and only 2% of pure hydrocarbon structural material.

PPE can be burned with other municipal solid waste without producing poisonous or acidic substances, as if incinerated it only produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).
Furthermore, 1 kg of expanded polypropylene saves about 1.3 kg of naphtha when running the incinerator. It is also possible to dispose of the containers in normal landfills without, also in this case, affecting the environment, as the product is chemically neutral and does not pollute either the air or the groundwater.
On the contrary, it can be said that these artifacts, shredded together with solid urban waste, with their large air content help the decomposition of organic waste.

The advantages of the EPP

PPE is recyclable

POLIBOX® it is recyclable to 100%

PPE is resistant
Structural strength

Load-bearing structural support thanks
high strength/weight ratio

PPE is elastic
Energy absorption

The closed cell structure guarantees
the return to the original form in way
checked after stress

PPE is Lightweight

The reduction of mass
of the material and the number
of minimized components
drastically reduce weight

LCA of an isothermal container

Following the collaboration established with the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milan, the environmental impact of the life cycle of a POLIBOX isothermal container®.

THE POLIBOX containers® are obtained from expanded polypropylene (EPP). A non-toxic, light, resistant and 100% recyclable material. They are not disposable products, they can be used for move food hot and cold, loose or in Gastronorm. Its composition, 100% expanded polypropylene, allows not to use other materials (such as metal or plastic parts) in the structure of the container. 

The POLIBOX container® it is particularly used in traditional systems of collective catering. The transport of Gastronorm 1/1 from the centralized kitchen to the satellite site requires isothermal containers to guarantee the thermal characteristics of the product. THE advantages of POLIBOX isothermal containers® they are not only on a structural level and of container performance but they bring advantages also and above all from a logistical point of view (lighter and stackable containers).