SAFELIVERY®: the most innovative delivery, with advanced real-time monitoring

Monitor your meal delivery by checking location, safety, temperature and humidity

POLIBOX® SAFELIVERY® not only allows you to constantly monitor the location during the delivery of meals, it also detects the temperature and humidity of foods, foods and beverages present inside the container.
It is also equipped with an innovative device smart-lock designed to reduce the risk of contamination during the food distribution and delivery phases.

The container, once closed by the catering operator, can only be opened via an opening code communicated exclusively to the end customer, thus guaranteeing high Food Safety and Security profiles in the delivery.

SAFELIVERY® - Internet of things food container

Real-time monitoring and certification of data collected along the way

The collaboration born through the MIND Foods HUB project has given life to this innovative SMARTPOLIBOX® for the delivery of food, with an advanced real-time monitoring system.

Service evolved through innovative technologies such as Blockchain and Internet of Things.


The most innovative system for the delivery of food, with advanced real-time monitoring, which monitors your meal at home.


Guarantee of the maintenance of the organoleptic properties of the product thanks to the detection of the parameters inside the SMARTPOLIBOX®.


Real-time traceability and certification of data collected along the way.


Each meal reaches the customer in a safe and guaranteed way thanks to the smart lock closure system.

POLIBOX® SAFELIVERY® is the innovative solution for the Contact-less Delivery in food deliveries, guaranteeing high Food Safety and Security profiles.

We have created the answer to the growing demand from food business operators to be able to trace shipments and deliveries of meals and foods in detail along the entire distribution chain.