The practical and essential single-meal isothermal container with RFID technology for the recognition of personalized meals.

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MIOPOLIBOX is the single-meal container that can be used by all managers of collective catering services who intend to adopt an adequate and reliable product for the safe administration of special personalized menus. Download

The containers delivered must bear the clear and legible heading of the name (name and surname) and the address of the recipient user in order to absolutely exclude the possibility of errors or exchanges of containers.

The single-meal container MIOPOLIBOX was created to answer this need. The particular magenta colour, which characterizes these containers, is used internationally as a coding to identify allergens. This color is ideal for distinguishing personalized diets. The ability to achieve a very accurate level of personal identification for the administration of special diets is now considered the most critical link in the chain.

In order to satisfy this need, the innovative container was born MIOPOLIBOX equipped with RFID. RFID (Radio-frequency identification) basically consists of three elements: the tag, made up of a chip and a small antenna, a second antenna which communicates with that of the tag by means of radio waves and a reader which on one side it exchanges information, by means of the antenna, with the tag while from the other it addresses the computer system to which it is connected.

The system returns the data of the user, recipient of the container, on a device called IMDT (Intelligent Mobile Data Terminal).
The IMDT is a small terminal that collects the information transmitted by the RFID system. With MIOPOLIBOX there will no longer be the risk that third parties can open the container and extract the rations in advance, risking administering them to the wrong person.

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