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Imagine combining a deep love for science with a tireless dedication to food safety? This is the world of Valentina Tepedino, our special speaker at the POLIBOX® event at HOST MILANO 2023! In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of marine protection, Valentina Tepedino emerges as a beacon of knowledge and innovation serving #sustainability.

Proudly a Veterinary Doctor, Valentina knew that her journey would be out of the ordinary. He has navigated through the complex waters of Seafood Sanitation and Inspection as well as Veterinary Law and Legislation. And it didn't stop there.

In 2004, he gave birth to Eurofishmarket, an anchor of knowledge in the fishing world. From visionary to educator, from author to sought-after expert, there is not a hat that Valentina has not worn with style, dedication and professionalism.

His pen gave birth to the "great encyclopedia of fish", while his voice enriched university classrooms and television and radio studios. Always ready to defend the quality and valorization of Italian seafood products, her pet project, “L'AMO italiano”, resonates with her desire to bring out the best of our sea.

His influence also extends beyond writing, as he is a nationally respected voice in the Scientific Society of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and in the Association of Women Veterinary Doctors for fish products.

Let's meet with Valentina at HOST MILANO 2023! It will be a journey through stories of science, commitment and a deep love for the world under the waves of the seas and oceans.

In this context of protection and respect for our oceans, the commitment of POLIBOX® fits perfectly, which with its OCEANPOLIBOX line actively contributes to the protection of the seas. As? OCEANPOLIBOX and proudly produced using 15% material derived from recycled fishing nets, a pollutant known for its devastating effects on marine habitats.

By joining us at the HOST MILANO 2023 event, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the insights of Valentina, a champion of marine conservation, and to discover how the innovations responsible for POLIBOX®, are changing the game for a cleaner and more sustainable future .