The best traceability system in the world



The best solution for monitoring the food and drink transfer with SmartPolibox isothermal containers.

SmartPolibox Easy Plus is a solution based on an App and a WebApp that communicate in collecting, storing and managing traceability data based on the digital signature (Tag) of each SmartPolibox.

SMARTPOLIBOX and POLIBOX are registered trademarks of SDS srl, Distribution and Services Company, that produce all types of Polibox.

SmartPolibox Easy Plus simplifies the tracking procedures of SmartPolibox isothermal containers, certifying through E-Signature the operating processes normally used for the delivery of perishable heat products.

Shipping Smartpolibox


The SHIPPING operation (OP01) is often used to "tag":

  1. a transfer from one department to another;
  2. a delivery to the carrier for transportation to a destination;
  3. the start of a shipment to a customer of SmartPolibox to carry certain contents;
  4. it generally indicates an exit from where the SmartPolibox is "Charged" by associating the departure place and destination place communicating it to the Cloud
Delivery Smartpolibox


The DELIVERY operation (OP02) is often used to "tag":

  1. the delivery to a recipient of SmartPolibox with a certain content;
  2. the withdrawal of a used SmartPolibox;
  3. essentially, it is convenient to use to associate the successful delivery to a specific destination by communicating it to the Cloud.
Return Smartpolibox


The RETURN (OP03) operation is often used to "tag":

  1. the return to the packaging area from where the SmartPolibox came out;
  2. the return from a customer and/or destination place of a SmartPolibox received to carry certain contents;
Smart Operations Smartpolibox

SmartPolibox Easy Plus allows:

  1. the registration of the App on Cloud using the WebApp user data;
  2. the configuration of a set of Places of Destinations and Places of Departure;
  3. to choose to operate in "Free" mode (when you want to minimize IT controls and freely use the three OP01 - OP02 - OP03 operations) or "Driven" mode (when you want to have support during the Shipping-Delivery-Return process);
  4. the choice of the specific operation to send;
  5. the reading and sending of the digital signature to the Cloud (Tag SmartPolibox with associated GPS position, Operation and Destination chosen.
IMDT IMDT is provided with: GPS sensor, RFID, Wi-Fi, USB connection, power supply. It is also possible to install a SIM / USIM for internet access in the absence of Wi-Fi, a flash memory to extend capacities and other hardware devices as needed.


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