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The most advanced temperature control system in the world
Innovation meets excellence.

To meet the growing demand of food business operators who need to be able to control the temperature of meals and food Smart Heater Polibox Absolute was born. Thanks to the modulating heat generator it is possible to have the most advanced temperature control system in the world.


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The isothermal container in expanded polypropylene SMART HEATER POLIBOX ABSOLUTE is equipped with an innovative heating technology that uses a system of self-regulating thermal generators in combination with heat accumulators and a heat sink plate.

The operating mode of the heating system ensures the consumption of the minimum amount of energy in order to stabilize the required temperature, also accumulating the heat of the contained product and then releasing it.

An internal microcomputer optimizes the temperature control of the contained products. Through the control panel on the container it is possible to program the desired temperature and display the internal temperature of the container. Just setting the holding temperature and the microcomputer will ensure the user-defined temperature with variations included in 4 tenths of a degree.

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