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Active isothermal container Smart Heater Polibox IoT

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The isothermal container in expanded polypropylene Smart Heater Polibox IoT is a heated isothermal container equipped with a wireless system that transforms the classic container into an intelligent container, which can also be controlled remotely via Wi-FI.

It is possible to turn on, turn off and control the temperature of a Polibox IoT Smart Heater, through commands transmitted or set from your Smartphone, wherever you are, thanks to a Cloud that is at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. .

The Smart Heater IoT isothermal container is equipped with a new reinforced closure to avoid damaging the container through wrong openings or forcing.

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What is it ?

The SMART HEATER is a heat accumulation system - passive and active - which transforms a POLIBOX isothermal container into an advanced maintainer / regenerator of ready-to-eat foods.

  • Passive heat accumulation

    The SMART HEATER works as a thermal equalizer : when the temperature of the food inserted into the POLIBOX is higher than that of the thermal accumulator (65 ° C), the excess heat is absorbed.

  • Active heat storage

    By connecting an empty container to the network, the heat generators raise the temperature of the air in the POLIBOX and that of the heat accumulator in parallel until it stabilizes once 65 ° C is reached.

  • Maintaining heat

    The SMART HEATER accumulator immediately releases thermal energy when the temperature of the food inserted in the POLIBOX drops below that of the accumulator itself (65 ° C).

  • How is it possible?

    The SMART HEATER exploits thermal inertia by behaving like a glider. Charging with energy, the accumulator transforms into a real thermal flywheel capable of releasing heat at different speeds and intensities according to the needs of the moment.

  • Other advantages

    Thanks to the thermal flywheel offered by the accumulator, the Smart continues to transfer heat to the food (for an extended period) even after the container has been disconnected from the mains.

  • But how much does it consume?

    Little or Nothing . Once the 65 ° C is reached, consumption stabilizes at around 50 Watts.

  • How is it possible?

    The SMART HEATER uses modulating heaters which autonomously, and therefore without the need for any control circuit or thermostat, depending on the temperature of the food inserted in the POLIBOX increase or decrease the heat generated (up to almost completely zeroing the consumption).

iot active isothermal container smart heater polibox

More Information
Available heights (mm) 480 mm
Capacity l 83,0 l
Loading Front
Box color Black
Door color Red
Density (g/Lt.) 60 g/lt
External dimensions (mm) 650x500x610 mm
Internal dimensions (mm) 540x330x480 mm
Manufacturer SDS srl
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The Expanded Polypropylene is composed of 98% of air, is recyclable and has a excellent ecological balance. The starting material is oil. For the production of EPP, the pearls are made swell up to 50 times their initial volume by putting them in contact with water vapor and nothing else. Therefore no chlorofluorocarbons are used for the production or processing. The EPP will not cause damage to the environment neither to production nor as a raw material, since it was created by air and only by 2% of structural material of pure... Read more
EPP-PPE is expanded with CO2 and has no residual expansion agents. Has a closed cell structure that gives it excellent characteristics of dissipation, energy and good recovery of the original shape. Polibox® containers are suitable to protect against thermal stress thanks to the insulating properties of the expanded polymer which it possesses a resistivity coefficient (Lambda) of 0.039 W/mk and guarantees a thermal drop of 1.5 - 2.5 ° C/H/container.
The EPP is totally 100% recyclable, even with various cycles, until it is disposed. The EPP can be burned with other solid urban waste without producing poisonous or acid substances, being the combustion gases only CO2 and H2O. In addition, 1 kg of expanded polypropylene saves around 1.3 kg of fuel in the operation of the incinerator. It is also possible to dispose the containers in normal landfills without, even in this case, affecting on the environment, since the product is chemically neutral and does not pollute neither air nor groundwater. On the contrary, it can be said that these manufactured goods, crumbled together with solid urban waste, with their huge air content help the decomposition of organic... Read more
Both the eutectic plates and the gels are heated either by immersion in water at 80 ° C, or by a preservative oven at a maximum temperature of 80°C for at least 1 hour. It is not possible to use other heating modes and above all microwave ovens cannot be used.
Cooling occurs by using a freezer. The residence time of the eutectic plates and or of the gel in the freezer must be at least 12 hours. The eutectic plates with operating temperature -21°C must be "activated" in the freezer at a temperature of at least -28°C, while the other products, both the plates with operating temperature at -12°C and the gels, are activated at a freezing temperature of at least - 20°C. (This piece of information is essential because there is a bit of confusion among customers who use them, especially between -12°C and -21°C... Read more
All the isothermal containers of the POLIBOX line are suitable for transporting frozen products. It is recommended to pre-cool the container before starting transport.
Yes. POLIBOX isothermal containers are suitable for the transport of any kind of food.
The eutectic plates and gels are "thermal energy accumulators" and they are functional for maintaining the required transport temperatures. They are used to increase the thermal mass inside the containers in order to maximize the efficiency of the product-container system, extending the duration of the transport time.
They are suitable for that kind of use. The Crystal GN 1/1, for example, is a robust, low-weight container that complies with the UNI 12571 standards. It differs from the other Polibox containers for the perfect smooth, rigid and waterproof crystallized interior. The easy open system facilitates opening, while the lower handles ensure convenient transport.
Polibox isothermal containers transport food at controlled temperatures without interrupting the cold or heat chain. They allow to transport both hot and cold foods. POLIBOX containers are so-called "passive" containers, which use, in order to function, the thermal energy that belongs to the products to be conveyed.
The average temperature resistance of a Polibox container is 3 hours. It is important to understand that POLIBOX EPP containers are “passive”, they work using the "thermal energy" of the product they contain. It is very important, in order to obtain the maximum performance in the duration of transport (for fresh goods, for hot and frozen ones), fill the container at least for three quarters of its volume. Foodstuff at the correct temperature and once closed the lid, the container should not be opened until its destination. The regulations prescribe that the correct operating temperatures must be maintained for at least 3 hours and the Polibox containers fully satisfy this condition, also certified by accredited laboratories. It is possible to increase the duration of the transport time by adding eutectic plates, suitably heated and / or cooled with respect to the required transport temperature. Our customer office is at your disposal to advise you on the best solution to your... Read more
Polibox® is easy to handle, thanks to the lack of sharp angles and edges, combined with the lightness of expanded polypropylene, and comfortable lower ergonomic handles that allow you to move and transport in all security, its contents.