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Isothermal container Pizzaboxshop black with red lid

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The new isothermal container for the transport of pizza cartons (max 36x36 cm). Isothermal container Pizzaboxshop black with red lid is ideal for transporting heat-sealed 18x18 cm plates.

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How to transport pizza for home delivery?

The isothermal containers used to keep the pizza warm during transport are the Pizzaboxshop. Pizzaboxshop are thermal containers, generally made of expanded polypropylene, which passively retain heat. The choice of material is important to ensure that the temperature is maintained as long as possible, especially for those who deal with pizza delivery.

Our isothermal containers provide additional heat by inserting a heated etutectic plate. The innovations in the design of the Pizzaboxshop make it ideal for the transport of all hot products. These systems were more efficient and faster to use. The Polibox insulated containers are the best on the market because they are 100% recyclable, reusable, rigid yet lightweight, and have excellent insulation properties.

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Available heights (mm) 280
Capacity l 36 lt
Loading Up
Box color Black
Cover color Red
Density (g/Lt.) 38 g/lt
External dimensions (mm) 420x420x345
Internal dimensions (mm) 360x360x280
EAN 8054317681980
Manufacturer SDS srl
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The Expanded Polypropylene is composed of 98% of air, is recyclable and has a excellent ecological balance. The starting material is oil. For the production of EPP, the pearls are made swell up to 50 times their initial volume by putting them in contact with water vapor and nothing else. Therefore no chlorofluorocarbons are used for the production or processing. The EPP will not cause damage to the environment neither to production nor as a raw material, since it was created by air and only by 2% of structural material of pure... Read more
EPP-PPE is expanded with CO2 and has no residual expansion agents. Has a closed cell structure that gives it excellent characteristics of dissipation, energy and good recovery of the original shape. Polibox® containers are suitable to protect against thermal stress thanks to the insulating properties of the expanded polymer which it possesses a resistivity coefficient (Lambda) of 0.039 W/mk and guarantees a thermal drop of 1.5 - 2.5 ° C/H/container.
Both the eutectic plates and the gels are heated either by immersion in water at 80 ° C, or by a preservative oven at a maximum temperature of 80°C for at least 1 hour. It is not possible to use other heating modes and above all microwave ovens cannot be used.
Polibox® is easy to handle, thanks to the lack of sharp angles and edges, combined with the lightness of expanded polypropylene, and comfortable lower ergonomic handles that allow you to move and transport in all security, its contents.
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