What can I do with Smart Polibox Easy Plus?

Smart Polibox Easy Plus was created to intuitively simplify the traceability procedures of Polibox isothermal containers, certifying through "E-Signature" the operating processes normally used for the delivery of thermo perishable products. With this system you can track: shipping, delivery and return. The system can also be used from the Cloud for:

• consult the data transmitted,

• perform searches and filter data,

• export the data to produce statistics,

• print the "Certificates of Conformity to the SmartPolibox Easy Plus Traceability system".

The device to be used for tracking is called IMDT (Intelligent Mobile Data Terminal). IMDT has been certified for operation with all APP versions of the Smart Polibox solution. IMDT includes: a GPS sensor, RFID device, Wi-Fi, USB connection and power supply. It is also possible to install:

• a SIM / USIM for internet access when you don't have Wi-Fi;

• a flash memory to extend data storage capacities;

• other hardware devices according to needs.

How does Smart Polibox work?

Smart Polibox uses RFID technology. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless use of radio frequency waves to transfer data. The coding of articles with rfidRFID tag tags allows users to identify and track automatically and uniquely the chosen data. RFID takes automatic identification technology to a higher level by allowing tags to be read and, depending on the type of RFID, with a reading range of between a few centimeters and over 20 meters. Although RFID technology has been in use for some time, the demand for RFID equipment is growing rapidly. RFID offers many benefits including the fact that an RFID tag can hold much more data on a single item than a barcode. In addition, RFID tags are not sensitive to the damage that can be caused by barcode labels, such as tearing and burrs. An RFID tag is inserted inside the Polibox isothermal containers used for the Smart Polibox Easy Plus system to ensure that the isothermal container is tracked. The Smart Polibox Easy Plus system includes: isothermal container of your choice between Polibox Maxi Crystal and Crystal GN 240, tag installation inside the container, IMDT device, cloud space for data collection. The number of IMDT containers and devices varies according to customer needs. If you want to know more about the Smart Polibox Easy Plus system, download the dedicated brochure.

The Smart Polibox Easy Plus patent

Finally on December 30th 2019 we obtained the patent for Polibox isothermal containers with RFID. We are the first to have thought of an innovative solution for tracking meals. We believe it is a great opportunity for collective catering or for those companies that have to deal with the management and distribution of a large number of meals. If you need to track delivery of meals or food, do not hesitate to contact us.