May 2, 1995 - May 2, 2020

SDS celebrates 25 years in business: what will we have and what will we remember about this anniversary? On May 2, 1995, three friends, even before being partners, decided to start S.D.S. Srl the true protagonist of a beautiful story of healthy Italian entrepreneurship. On 2 May 2020 we reached the 25th year of activity and it seemed right to us to address a special thought to all those who made it possible to achieve this important goal.

In the previous months we have been busy thinking about how we should have prepared this special day. There are memories, emotions and joy that you would like to share with all those who, thanks to their support, their advice and collaboration, have helped you to write important pages of your professional and human journey. Then the Corona Virus appears unexpectedly and around you begin to change scenarios, priorities, needs.

Your certainties begin to wobble, that long-awaited day becomes a day like many others, perhaps worse, because the film you shot was different. You change too, it is no longer important what you have done but what you will do to support your customers, pay without leaving any of your suppliers behind, protect your employees, save your company and the people who work in it, why do business means taking on men and women who believed in your project and spend every day on it. Think of the many companies that will no longer share those who will do so amid a thousand difficulties, the many people who will lose their jobs and who will have to question their life plans or even worse to those who have lost their dearest affections.

How can we celebrate such an important day in the most difficult moment for Italy and the Italians? We look at each other and think that to best honor our Anniversary the right thing is to go where it all began.

Thinking, planning, planning what is possible to do more and better, to give continuity to our project and our mission: to simplify the work of our customers, the same ones who believed in us and who made us participate, with our work , of their successes. It is easier from your desk, to remember the goals achieved and also to rethink the wrong choices, but if in your register you can write down 25 years of constant commitment and many satisfactions, it means that you have done something good! We will continue to put on the same enthusiasm and tenacity of the past 25 years, we will not be spoiled by a virus which, however hardened, will be defeated by Science and Medicine.

From these simple and dramatic considerations, we decide that we will consider this anniversary only a stage, perhaps the most difficult of the path taken so far if it is true, that behind every problem there is an opportunity.

Part of the budget that we would have spent on our party, we decided to make a donation in support of the Civil Protection and the San Raffaele project ''From Research Health''. We look forward to the future, confident that this anniversary can become a new starting point for us and for Italy.

Mario Sestito

CEO S.D.S. Ltd.