Food delivery: How to carry out a home delivery service of meals in total safety thanks to the range of Polibox® isothermal containers

Now more than ever, food delivery presents itself as the ideal solution for all those restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars that don't want to stop and rather want to reinvent themselves and want to bring their specialties outside their restaurants by going 'directly' to the home of the their customers.

In addition to large retailers, therefore, small catering businesses are increasingly feeling the need to rely on food delivery. This has created in recent months a growing debate in particular on the issue of making deliveries in total safety, both for restaurateurs and for the consumer.

Today, the attention of the restaurant and catering companies is turned not only to the phase of preparing meals and the quality of the product, but also to the phase of transport of the food which must reach the home of the final consumer in compliance with the hygiene and health standards and ensuring the quality of the prepared product.

In order to be compliant, the delivery phase therefore involves the use of isothermal containers in order to guarantee the maintenance of the temperature of the food transported. Food and thermo-perishable products need very high requirements, in particular: preservation in a safe environment from a hygienic-sanitary point of view, mechanical protection caused by their transmission and temperature control.

The Polibox® range of isothermal polypropylene containers is the ideal solution for continuing to serve its customers, guaranteeing high quality and safety standards. Expanded polypropylene is a material suitable for contact with food substances that does not release neither smells nor flavors to food and is easily washable and sanitized after its use. Polibox® containers are suitable for protecting food from thermal stresses thanks to the insulating properties of the expanded polymer, which has a resistivity coefficient (lambda) of 0.039W / mk and guarantees a thermal drop according to UNI EN 12571.

Thermosensitive and thermo perishable products can be placed inside the container in special packs or pre-hygienic wraps, trays or heat-sealed saucers, gastronorm containers in steel, polycarbonate or polypropylene.

Delivering your specialties at home thanks to Polibox containers is really very simple, it is not necessary to use an insulated means of transport but just follow the instructions that are shown on the container's use sheets. It is important to emphasize that the Polibox isothermal container can be washed and sanitized in a dishwasher, in industrial washing plants, with direct water jet, with high pressure machines, with steam machines (up to 100°C) or by hand. All detergents and disinfectants can be used for cleaning as long as they do not contain products derived from petrol or trieline.

But let's see in detail why Polibox isothermal containers are the ideal solution for food delivery:

- Isothermal safety: Polibox® containers are suitable to protect from thermal stress thanks to the insulating properties of the expanded polymer which has a resistivity coefficient (Lambda) of 0.039 W/mk and guarantees a thermal drop of 1.5-2.5 ° C / H / container;

- Maximum tightness: The closed cell structure of polypropylene, in addition to guaranteeing excellent isothermal qualities, also ensures excellent insulating qualities, odors and liquids. Nothing can cross the structure of Polibox® containers, which, thanks also to the interlocking lids, become an excellent solution for large movements;

- Sanitation: Polibox containers are compatible with industrial washing and disinfection with detergents and disinfectants, hot water and wet steam up to a temperature of 110 ° C;

- Maximum lightness and resistance: Robust but light Polibox® containers are stable, absorb shocks and are scratch-proof. Excellent protection even for the heaviest loads.

- Handy: the Polibox® containers are easy to handle, thanks to the lack of protrusions and edges, combined with the lightness of the expanded polypropylene, and the comfortable lower ergonomic handles, which allow you to move and transport your contents in complete safety.

- Different colors and sizes: The entire Polibox® range covers all the different standards and formats used in catering and by the various Ho.Re.Ca. professionals. For any need, you can find the Polibox® container that's right for you, from large movements, to white art, from maintaining the cold chain to banqueting-catering.

- Stackable: Polibox® isothermal containers are the solution, but in a small space, you will have no problem, thanks to the intelligent space-saving stacking method, which guarantees safe and well-organized transport.

- Recycling: The Expanded Polypropylene used in the production of Polibox® is an ecological material: it is made of 98% air and is recyclable.

To learn more about the topic, we invite you to read the full interview that Valentina Tepedino, Veterinary surgeon specializing in fish products, Director of the Eurofishmarket magazine, SIMeVeP national contact for the fish sector and contract professor at the University of Veterinary Medicine of Bologna done to Dr. Fabrizio De Stefani (Director of the Veterinary Service of Hygiene of Foods of Animal Origin and their Derivatives (SVIA)) and to Andrea Gazzetta, both veterinary doctors of the ULSS7 of the Veneto Region and representatives of the SIAL Veneto. Here is the link: