Maintain the right temperature during any handling

This is the little big secret of POLIBOX®: its structure made of PPE, the expanded polypropylene.


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POLIBOX® revolutionize
your logistics

New solutions for the constant challenges you don't even think you can solve. but this is only the beginning…

POLIBOX® it has been chosen by many operators in the sector, from Food Service to pharmaceuticals, from hot/cold logistics to large-scale distribution, from Food Delivery to Cash & Carry. This is thanks to its structure made of PPE, expanded polypropylene.

POLIBOX® - Front loading for Catering with Gastronorm trays

PPE is an ECOLOGICAL and RECYCLABLE material, composed of 98% of air. Free of CFCs or other blowing gases, it reduces the environmental impact of CO2 and makes it possible to manufacture isothermal containers weighing up to 35% less.

Specialization, research and training are constantly updated to ensure high standards in compliance with European regulations on food safety, the environment and business management.

SMARTHEATER® it is the only isothermal container that releases heat only when needed. To keep food at a temperature of 65° C, it consumes less than a traditional light bulb!

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