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Polibox GASTRO 280 GN10 isothermal container with handles

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The light and economical isothermal container with high handles and easy open opening system. Carries Gastronorm 1/1 or submultiples, heat-sealed plates 160 x 160 mm or 160 x 176 mm.

Description Gastro 1/1 isothermal containers

The isothermal containers of the Gastro GN 1/1 series are used for the transport and delivery of perishable products and are suitable for containing 1/1 Gastronorm pans. These isothermal boxes are made of first choice expanded polypropylene suitable for direct contact with food and comply with the requirements of European and Italian regulations for MOCAs; their compact dimensions allow transport with any type of vehicle.

The manufacturing method allows to obtain containers totally devoid of sharp edges, very resistant and non-deformable, maintaining their main characteristic of extreme lightness during use.

These isothermal containers are supplied on request with the certification that demonstrates the passing of all the tests that are carried out on containers suitable for food contact.

The advantages of Gastro 1/1 containers

The Gastro 1/1 isothermal container stands out for its very high quality and great versatility of use. Gastro 1/1 containers have a long life, great ease of use and can be sanitized. These qualities determine the very high quality of a product whose main purpose is the customer's advantage. Made of expanded polypropylene, they are suitable and safe for contact with food.

This is why you should buy Gastro 1/1

  • Sturdy construction resistant to scratches and bumps;
  • Lightweight and handy containers for total versatility in handling;
  • Structure of the expanded polypropylene able to guarantee excellent isothermal qualities;
  • Grooves designed to ensure safe space-saving stacking;
  • Suitable for contact with food;
  • Fully removable lids for quick and effective sanitization;
  • Resistant to a temperature range from -40 ° C to +120 ° C;
  • Internal dimensions optimized for transporting Gastronorm GN 1/1 trays and pans;
  • New reinforced handles for a better grip during handling;
  • 100% recyclable and with infinite cycles without release of residues into the environment or loss of chemical-physical characteristics.
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Color Black
External dimensions (mm) 600x400x340
Internal dimensions (mm) 540x340x280
EAN 8054317682369
Manufacturer SDS srl
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