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Isothermal container Polibox Trolley Box black with blue lid

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For heavy loads choose the new isothermal PPE container with trolley system, easy to handle. Ideal for the vending sector and all situations that require practical transport.


Why the black Polibox Trolley Box isothermal container with blue lid maintains the temperature

Through constant research and experimentation, our mission is to fight for the development of isothermal containers in high quality expanded polypropylene , designed to maintain the cold and heat chain for a long time. Polibox stands out as the leading manufacturer and supplier of isothermal containers that meet all the requirements for food contact. That's why we continue to carry out research to develop advanced technologies for isothermal containers and increase their efficiency in terms of thermal protection and insulation. The isothermal Trolley Box black with blue lid is ideal for the vending sector as it is possible to transport bottles in packs without effort. It is also ideal for handling of ice cream packs . You can combine it with the Pizzaboxshop isothermal container as it is perfectly stackable in order to take up as little space as possible. Ideal tool also for catering, Trolley Box is the isothermal container that best suits any transport situation. It is equipped with a hermetic and movable lid, practical wheels to move the isothermal container effortlessly and support feet.

Because expanded polypropylene is the best insulating material

Our isothermal containers are made of expanded polypropylene (PPE), 100% recyclable. Polypropylene is one of the most insulating materials in the world. As a matter of fact, the expanded polypropylene is safe for contact with food and protects against changes in external temperature during transport and handling. With Trolley Box you prevent food waste and the products arrive fresh and intact. That's why isothermal containers in expanded polypropylene are the best solution for the food and pharmaceutical industries for the shipment of products that require temperature control . With the Polibox isothermal containers they are an ecological choice: the expanded polypropylene is composed of 98% of air and is produced in modern and environmentally certified factories where during the molding process only steam and high pressure are used.

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Capacity (Lt.) 60 lt
Box color Black
Cover color Blue
Internal dimensions (mm) 360x360x460
External dimensions (mm) 420x420x600
Available heights (mm) 460
Density (g/Lt.) 55 g/lt
Shipped in 1 week
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Cooling occurs by using a freezer. The residence time of the eutectic plates and or of the gel in the freezer must be at least 12 hours. The eutectic plates with operating temperature -21°C must be "activated" in the freezer at a temperature of at least -28°C, while the other products, both the plates with operating temperature at -12°C and the gels, are activated at a freezing temperature of at least - 20°C. (This piece of information is essential because there is a bit of confusion among customers who use them, especially between -12°C and -21°C... Read more
All the isothermal containers of the POLIBOX line are suitable for transporting frozen products. It is recommended to pre-cool the container before starting transport.
Yes. POLIBOX isothermal containers are suitable for the transport of any kind of food.
The eutectic plates and gels are "thermal energy accumulators" and they are functional for maintaining the required transport temperatures. They are used to increase the thermal mass inside the containers in order to maximize the efficiency of the product-container system, extending the duration of the transport time.
They are suitable for that kind of use. The Crystal GN 1/1, for example, is a robust, low-weight container that complies with the UNI 12571 standards. It differs from the other Polibox containers for the perfect smooth, rigid and waterproof crystallized interior. The easy open system facilitates opening, while the lower handles ensure convenient transport.
Polibox isothermal containers transport food at controlled temperatures without interrupting the cold or heat chain. They allow to transport both hot and cold foods. POLIBOX containers are so-called "passive" containers, which use, in order to function, the thermal energy that belongs to the products to be conveyed.
The average temperature resistance of a Polibox container is 3 hours. It is important to understand that POLIBOX EPP containers are “passive”, they work using the "thermal energy" of the product they contain. It is very important, in order to obtain the maximum performance in the duration of transport (for fresh goods, for hot and frozen ones), fill the container at least for three quarters of its volume. Foodstuff at the correct temperature and once closed the lid, the container should not be opened until its destination. The regulations prescribe that the correct operating temperatures must be maintained for at least 3 hours and the Polibox containers fully satisfy this condition, also certified by accredited laboratories. It is possible to increase the duration of the transport time by adding eutectic plates, suitably heated and / or cooled with respect to the required transport temperature. Our customer office is at your disposal to advise you on the best solution to your... Read more
Polibox® isothermal containers are the large handlings solution. If you have to transport a huge quantity of goods, but in a small space, you will not have any problems, thanks to the smart saving-space stacking method, it guarantees safe and well organized transport. In addition, front-loading containers can also be filled when they are stacked.
The closed cell structure of the EPP, as well as ensuring excellent isothermal quality, it confers excellent insulating qualities against odors and liquids. Nothing can go through the structure of the Polibox® containers, which, thanks to the interlocking lids, they also are an excellent solution for large handlings. In case of Crystal containers, the inner surface is "Crystallized", perfectly smooth and waterproof, compliant with law UNI 12571.
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