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Isothermal active container Porter Gn Activ black with grey door

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The active isothermal container, with electrical system for the thermal maintenance of food.


How to keep warm with the Porter Gn Activ black insulated container with gray door

The Porter Activ isothermal container is ideal for keeping products at controlled temperatures, and is easily transportable. In the isothermal active container for hot , heat-sensitive and heat-perishable products can be placed in special hygienic packaging or pre-wrapping, trays or heat-sealed saucers, gastronorm containers in steel, polycarbonate or polypropylene. In order to keep food warm in an optimal way, it is recommended to power the container electrically at least 30 minutes before use and to keep it powered up until the time of transport. It is recommended to place it on a flat and clean surface. The heat-sensitive and heat-perishable products must be placed in special containers that allow closure in order to avoid spillage or leakage of substances. Place the appropriate packages inside the isothermal container , taking care to fill the entire base surface and distribute the weight evenly; always close the appropriate door. To ensure the functionality of the thermal seal, Porter Activ must remain closed from the moment of packaging until the moment of delivery of the product.

How to use the active isothermal container

The correct application of the following rules of use are necessary both to maintain the thermal function of the product and for the safety of the operators and the environments in which it is used. The Porter Activ isothermal active container is an electrical appliance and for its use it is necessary to follow some basic safety precautions. It is always good to insert the socket of the power cable to the container, making sure that the connection plug is dry. It is then advisable to connect the plug to a grounded power outlet. The green LED and the red LED will light up: the red LED represents the power supply, while the green LED represents the power to the resistance (when the resistance reaches the temperature, the green LED turns off).

Stay safe while using Porter GN Activ

It is important not to touch the hot parts of the container (opposite wall to the opening one). You must be extremely careful when inside the Porter GN Activ black isothermal active container with gray door there is oil or other boiling liquids. Do not use the active isothermal container for uses other than those intended. To protect yourself from electric shock, do not immerse the cable, plug or container in water or other liquid; avoid the use of water splashes when connected to the electricity network. Avoid using accessories not recommended by SDS - Polibox . To reduce the risk of personal injury, disconnect the cable from the power supply when: the isothermal container is not active, during handling operations, during cleaning, maintenance and repair operations. The power supply cable must always be intact, must not come into contact with hot parts or in contact with oils, must not be connected to the edge of the table or touch hot surfaces. Do not place the appliance on or near an electric or gas stove or in a hot oven. If the power cord of this unit is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, an authorized center or a qualified person. If the encapsulated plug is damaged, replace it immediately. It is not possible to insert new cables into the plug and this would cause electric shock if inserted in a socket.

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Available heights (mm) 480
Capacity l 83 lt
Loading Front
Box color Black
Door color Grey
Density (g/Lt.) 50 g/lt
External dimensions (mm) 650x500x610
Internal dimensions (mm) 540x330x480
Manufacturer SDS srl
Shipped in 1 week
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