Home delivery: the definitive guide

Home delivery of pizza is a service performed by thousands of pizzerias and restaurants throughout Italy, not all establishments choose to offer the service by relying on the large delivery companies. 

In the last two years, the attention of pizzerias has been directed not only to the preparation phase and product quality, but also to the pizza transport phase.

Home delivery of ready meals must respect all temperatures, especially the highest ones, ensuring that the pizza arrives hot at the end consumer's home. Suffice it to say that the pizza is taken out of the oven at a temperature of about 90°. It is of fundamental importance that the transport phase takes place in full compliance with health and hygiene standards and guaranteeing the quality of the prepared product. For this reason, those who transport pizza must have the right equipment to keep the food warm.

How is the ideal pizza bag made?

The bag or backpack for carrying pizza must have certain characteristics, in particular they should meet these 4 criteria:

  • The dimensions of the thermal bag must be suitable for the various pizza sizes;
  • The inside of the pizza bag must be made with an insulating fabric such as polyester or expanded polyurethane to prevent the pizza from cooling down, thus avoiding thermal drop;
  • Prefer an isothermal backpack if the delivery service is carried out with a cycle or motorcycle;
  • The bag or backpack must be comfortable to open and close;
  • The outer material must be waterproof.

We find all these features in the POLIBOXBAG® line of thermal bags and backpacks, designed specifically for all those pizzerias, restaurants, fast food, bars that wish to take their specialties outside their premises by going directly to their customers' homes. Choosing a POLIBOXBAG® thermal bag proves to be a peace of mind for the customer, for the restaurant and for the rider if the transport phase is entrusted to third party companies. The entire range is made in Italy to offer you only the highest quality.

The 4 best-selling Poliboxbag bags

We have selected the Poliboxbag bags most appreciated by our customers:

  • Backpack Foodbike: Consisting of a waterproof backpack and an isothermal container in expanded polypropylene Pizza Boxshop, the system is aimed at anyone who finds it easier to deliver pizzas in the city with a backpack on their shoulders. Thanks to the Food bike backpack, you no longer have to worry about the weather or heat loss!
  • Backpack Backpack Tower: the most capacious backpack on the market! Carries 10 to 12 pizza boxes of 35×35 cm each. Furthermore, it is equipped with a reflective safety band to be visible even in the darkest hours. The shoulder straps for transport are reinforced and padded, ensuring excellent comfort and the safety snap cord on the front make the thermal backpack safer during handling.
  • Isothermal bag for pizza S: Equipped with a sandwich structure with an exterior in Polyester and internal insulation in expanded Polyurethane, perfect for those who transport for short distances in a car. It is equipped with aeration holes for steam release and is ideal for pizza boxes up to 35 x 35 cm (from 3 to 6 based on box size and height).
  • Bag Delivery Pizza M: Ideal for pizza boxes up to 35 x 35 cm (from 7 to 9 based on box size and height). The structure of this pizza bag is super resistant: external fabric in nylon (PA) insulation in polyurethane foam (PU) and internal in polyester (PL). It is perfect for all those activities that have food delivery as their core business as it is truly indestructible!

Why is the number of home deliveries growing?

It can contain up to 5 pizza boxes measuring 60x40 cm
It can contain up to 5 pizza boxes measuring 60×40 cm

What are the reasons behind the growth of food delivery? The causes are really many and undoubtedly advantageous:

  • The convenience of ordering lunch or dinner directly from your home or office;
  • Time saving: with a few simple clicks you order the meal that will be brought directly to you, thus saving preparation time (if you had prepared it at home), waiting time and any moving time (if you had eaten it at the restaurant);
  • The possibility to try always new and different dishes and restaurants;
  • The possibility of savoring dishes that you would not cook at home, due to lack of time, desire or ability.